Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Scarifyers and Other Great Audio Drama’s available at Annies!!

If you are a fan of Big Finish’s series of Doctor Who audio plays or one of BF’s other great series’s, Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is one of the largest distributors of Doctor Who related toys and audio plays in North America.

Along with Big Finish’s ongoing Doctor Who series, we also sell other great series such as The Scarifyers which starred Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning  alongside Nicholas Courtney as DI Lionheart. After the sad loss of Nicholas Courntey this year, veteren actor David Warner came aboard as Lionheart’s old colleague Harry “Thumper” Crow.

Think Ghostbusters meets X-Files set in 1936 England and you have The Scarifyers.

Back in 2009, Big Finish launched a series of Sherlock Holmes audio plays starting with Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper starring BF head honcho Nicholas Briggs in the title role and Death and Life starring Roger Llewellyn as an older Holmes.

Just out and available for purchase at Annie’s  is The Tangled Skein by David Stuart Davies (adapted by Richard Dinnick). Once again Nicholas Briggs stars as Holmes with Richard Earl as Doctor John H. Watson MD.  In this story, Holmes comes face to face with the prince of the undead himself: Count Dracula.

For those of you who are climbing the walls because you have to wait till the Autumn for Matt Smith to return as the Doctor, why don’t you quell your thirst for new Doctor Who with the latest audio play starring one  of the classic Doctors.

Just out and available for purchase is a new series of adventures starring Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor which pairs him up with a brand new companion Flip who he previously met in the adventure The Crimes of Thomas Brewster.  Their adventures together begin with The Curse of Davros which has the the Doctor and Flip facing off against his oldest enemies the Daleks and their mad creator Davros in a very unique fashion that I do not belive has been done on Doctor Who in any format. Their travels continue in The Fourth Wall. When the Doctor and Flip find themselves snatched from inside the TARDIS, the Doctor uncovers the terrible secret behind the Trans-Gal Empire’s new tech while Flip battles to survive in a barren wilderness ruled by an indestructable warlord Lord Krarn and his pig like servants.

A new series as well as an exciting new theme music are what you can expect from Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor alongside his traveling companion: Mary Shelley. Yes!! THAT Mary Shelley!! Annie’s has all three of the Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley adventures available for purchase!! Their adventures begin with The Silver Turk which the Eighth Doctor arrive at the Great Viennese Exposition to comes face to face with showman Stahlbaum’s enigmatic Silver Turk. The Doctor soon comes to realize that Stahlbaum’s main attraction is in fact one of his oldest and deadliest of enemies: The Cybermen! Their adventures continue in The Witch From the Well when a TARDIS trip goes terribly wrong and the Doctor and Mary find themselves stuck in the middle of a seventeenth century witch scare.  Their adventures, much like all good things, concludes with Army of Death which brings the Doctor and Mary to the frontier world of Draxine, where the sinister death cult of Garrack’s President took hold.  The Doctor and Mary must journey into the dead heart of the dead to face a terrifying adversary, whose ambitions transcend the stuff of life itself.

THE FOURTH DOCTOR HAS ARRIVED AT BIG FINISH!! After the tremendous success of BBC Audio’s Nest Cottage adventures written by Paul Magrs Tom Baker once again dons that familiar multi-colored scarf for a new series of original adventures as well as adaptation of television stories never made for Big Finish. Available at Annie’s is Destination: Nerva. Shortly after saying goodbye to Jago and Litefoot in Victorian England the Doctor and Leela answer an alien distress call beamed from Victorian England. It is the beginning of a journey that find them on the newly built Spacedock Nerva, place the Doctor has been before in Nerva’s future, where the entire human race could come to an end. Also available is The Fourth Doctor Lost Stories Box Set.  This set includes the adventure The Foe from the Future written by classic series writer Robert Stewart Banks (adapted by John Dorley) and The Valley of Death written by former Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliff and adapted by Jonathan Morris.

New titles are always arriving. So, stop on by Annie’s during normal business hours and check them out today!!


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