New Audio Shipment Has Arrived at Annie’s!!

The latest Big Finish releases have hit the shelves!!

Doctor Who #158 Wirrn Isle starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor sees the Doctor and Flip arrive at Nerva City in 16127. Many decades have passed since the colonists of Nerva Beacon returned to repopulate the once devastated Earth. Beyond the city on an island surrounded by what they once called Loch Lomand is a pestilent alien infestation that the Doctor remembers all to well from his time aboard the Beacon. The Wirrn are back. And they’re hungry.

The Fourth Doctor Adventure #1.3 The Wrath of the Iceni starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson is out!! The Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive in Britain at the height of Roman occupation.  The Doctor has brought Leela to ancient Norfolk to learn about her ancestors. As Leela gets swayed by the warrior queen  of the Iceni tribe, the Doctor has to make a decision. Save his friend. Or save history itself!

Jago and Litefoot Series IV Box Set: Investigators of the Infernal Incidents starring Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter, Louise Jameson with Conrad Asquith, Lisa Bowman and Colin Baker!! Four adventures which see Jago, Litefoot and Leela take a trip to Brighton where infernal forces threaten to drive a wedge between them in Jago in Love. They meet Oscar Wilde while finding a slew of bodies robbed of their very thoughts in Beautiful Things, Leela and Ellie must race against the clock to save Jago and Litefoot who are on a train to nowhere in The Lonely Clock. And the sands of time seem to be running out for the team as the final battle is underway in The Hourglass Killer.

Doctor Who The Companion Chronicles #6.09: Binary read by Caroline John as Liz Shaw. A damaged alien computer is being guarded by UNIT troops but the soldiers are vanishing.  Usually the Brigadier would rely on the Doctor, but the Doctor is being kept out of the loop. Instead it’s  up to Liz Shaw to oversee this project. And then Liz vanishes too. Trapped inside the machine Liz faces a battle for survival against a lethal defense system. And this time she must save the day without the Doctor at her side.

And for those of you who are impatiently waiting for the release of the Dark Shadows movie in May, why not quench your thirst with Big Finish’s latest Dark Shadows audio release.

Dark Shadow #23 The House By The Sea sees a Doctor Who/Dark Shadows crossover of sorts starring Colin Baker as Gerald Conway. Gerald Collinsport in pursuit of a dream. For the last few months he’s been haunted by vision of the house by the sea. Now he is staying at the house and beginning to uncover its dark past. Warlocks, vampires and murderers have all come here looking for something and they’ve all died. What secret of the Collins family is hidden there? Something terrible is waiting under the House by the Sea. Waiting for Gerald…

All these titles have just been shelved! So stop on by Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester today and pick up your copy!!


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