Doctor Who Magazine #451

This issue takes an inside look at the first three episodes of the new series which will ultimately end with a farewell to the Ponds which will include, the Doctor being sent to the Asylum of the Daleks, dinosaurs on a spaceship and visiting a wild west town that isn’t all that it appears.

DWM also pays tribute to Romana I actress Mary Tamm who sadly lost her long battle with cancer this year.

Also, the third series of Fourth Doctor adventures starring Tom Baker will once again see him alongside Louise Jameson as Leela.

Also to look forward to for the 5oth anniversary, the origins of Doctor Who will be dramatised by Mark Gatiss entitled An Adventure in Time and Space. As Gatiss himself states: “This is the story of how an unlikely set of brilliant people created a true television original”.

The John Nathan-Turner era goes under the microscope in part one of The Trial of John Nathan-Turner featuring comments and opinions from such Doctor Who luminaries as Phil Collinson, current show-runner Steven Moffat, Andrew Cartmel and Nicola Bryant who played Fifth and Sixth Doctor companion Peri Brown during the “Reign of Turner”.

In Battle of Wits, with this season’s focus being on the departure of the Ponds, the debate is “Should companions die or is that a step too far?” as the feature focuses on the companions that met with a very sticky end in the program’s history.

The Third Doctor story The Mind of Evil is the focus on this month’s Fact or Fiction with some brand new color photo’s from the newly restored version of the episode.

This month’s Countdown to 50 focuses on Season Twenty-One which would see the departures of both Tegan and Turlough, the introduction of Nicola Bryant as botany student Perpugillium Brown and ultimately the departure Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor ushering in the beginning of Colin Baker’s tenure as the Sixth Doctor.

The Doctor and his companions embark on a brand new adventure in this month’s comic suppliment The Broken Man part one.

Seventh Doctor episode Greatest Show in the Galaxy is this months DWM Review “Pick of the Month”.  Also reviewed is Stephen Baxter’s novel The Wheel of Ice featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. Love and Monsters by Miles Booy is all about the Doctor Who experience from 1979 to the present. Turn Left by Andy X. Cable is an unofficial and unauthorized guide to Doctor Who Road Signs. In audio releases, Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex story Protect and Survive, Sixth Doctor Lost Adventure Power Play and Counter Measure Series 1 all go under the microscope.

Sixth Doctor television story Vengeance on Varos, Seventh Doctor audio adventure Gods and Monsters and Second Doctor Companion Chronicle audio The Rosemariner are all featured in Coming Soon.

So, come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester today and pick up an issue of DWM with one of these great collectible covers!!


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