DWM480_COVERHere’s this week’s round-up of new arrivals and announcements relating to our fantasy and science fiction books and merchandise here at ABSW, located at 65 James Street in Worcester, MA.

* The newest issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE has hit our shelves as of Monday the 17th, and it’s got a glorious cover story highlighting the recently broadcast Series 8 two-part finale.

Features in DWM #480 include interviews with actress Michelle Gomez and director Douglas Mackinnon, as well as a tribute to the late Lynda Bellingham [The Inquistor, “Trial of a Time Lord”, Sixth Doctor era], an introduction to Siobhan Redmond as the newest incarnation of The Rani for Big Finish Productions, the latest installment of the DOCTOR WHO monthly comic, and more!

* The newest action figure releases from Underground Toys include the collector’s sets for “Asylum of the Daleks” and “The Time of the Doctor”, as well as the single figure Ace from “Silver Nemesis”, with accessories.  All are in the 5-inch scale and are in stock, ready for purchase.

* We are pleased to announce the date for our annual DOCTOR WHO celebration here at ABSW.  Our all-day extravaganza honouring the world’s longest-running science fiction serial will be held on Saturday, December 13th from 10am to 9pm.  Events planned include TWO trivia contests, one at 3pm and the other at 6pm, with prizes to be awarded.  Costumes are encouraged and welcome.  More details to be added as we create our schedule for the day; please feel free to RSVP on our Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/700980466664325.  Make DOCTOR WHO and Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester part of your holiday shopping plans!

* As the weather gets colder, we’ve shifted our outdoor sidewalk sale carts to indoor themed display units.  We’ve currently got a great selection of science fiction and fantasy hardcovers at the low price of $3.99 EACH.  Come and browse our selection of such favourites as Octavia E. Butler, Robert Silverberg, Tad Williams, Larry Niven, C.J. Cherryh, R.A. Salvatore, Anne McCaffrey, Katherine Kurtz, Jim Butcher, Storm Constantine, and more!  Fabulous reading for a marvelous price.

Come on in and let us spark your imagination!


—Patty and the staff of Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester







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Hello and come on in! We are your friendly neighborhood bookstore, stocking new & pre-read books, as well as toys, gifts, magazines, greeting cards, audio titles, and much more! We welcome special orders and we will happily take want lists. BUSINESS HOURS: Mon - Thurs: 9:00 am - 8:00pm Friday: 9am-9pm Saturday 10am-9pm Sun: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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